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Hi! I'm Orianne!

I'm based in Mumbai, India and I have been into digital art for 10 years now. Something that started off as just curiosity became a hobby, and is now a profession.

I received my degree in Information Technology from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, and have been experimenting as a digital designer throughout all of my college life and post it. Being a self-taught designer, I love trying out new styles, growing my skillset, and challenging myself.

I am now a Comic Illustration Artist and I currently manage print designs, digital media artwork, illustrations, branding, and much more under Graphitti. It's been a journey trying to find my way as a designer and  I have grown vastly along the way, and I'm ever so ready to know where this road takes me further. I would love to work for you as a designer and hope you follow me along as I explore!

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